Farmer-beneficiaries of Atimonan, Quezon receives certified inbred seeds and IEC materials from RCEF Seed and Extension Programs together with Municipal Agriculturist Pedro Gariguez.

Farmers in Atimonan, Quezon have seen a significant increase in yield and income by using certified inbred seeds from the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Seed Program and adopting new farming practices.

Nhel Victor Verastigue, president of Brgy. Malusak Rice Farmers Association, reported that the certified inbred seeds, NSIC Rc 216, he received from RCEF doubled his yield from the usual 3.3t/ha to 6.6t/ha.

Meanwhile, Joselyn Anda, president of Brgy. Tinandog Rice Farmers Association doubled her income from PhP15,000 to PhP30,000 using the certified seeds.

Before RCEF, Atimonan farmers used to acquire seeds from their co-farmers’ previous harvest, referred to as ‘good seeds.’ However, these seeds had uncertain growth and yield, as they were stocked, possibly decreasing their germination rate and quality.

“Receiving free certified inbred seeds was a big relief for us. We no longer worry about sourcing seeds because we’re assured that new, high-quality inbred seeds with good yields will be provided through the program,” Verastigue said. 

Now in its 8th season of implementation in Atimonan, the RCEF Seed Program has already distributed 5,559 bags of certified inbred seeds to 470 farmer-beneficiaries.

By following the recommended seeding rate of 40kg/ha with certified seeds, Anda was able to reduce her expenses, as this is already enough for one hectare, saving her PhP1,800.

In addition to providing seeds, the RCEF Seed and Rice Extension Services Programs organize training sessions and activities and distribute IEC materials to educate farmers on proper farming practices such as seed sowing, land preparation, and fertilizer application.  

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