Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Leads efforts in the conservation, development, improvement and utilization of appropriate rice varieties towards sustainable, profitable and competitive farming. It seeks to ensure stable and sustainable rice production through the development of high yielding, pest and abiotic stress resistant and good grain quality rice varieties suitable to major rice growing ecosystems.

Agronomy, Soils and Plant Physiology

Leads research efforts to evaluate, refine, and facilitate the delivery of improved soil, nutrient, and water management practices to enhance soil quality and profitability.

Crop Protection

Seeks to help attain rice self-sufficiency and build a competitive rice economy through the generation, development and promotion of pest management strategies, which are environment-friendly, economical, sustainable and compatible with each other to address farmers’ needs.

Genetic Resources

Leads efforts on conservation and management of rice genetic resources including improved varieties and elite breeding lines of PhilRice, rice genetic materials from other breeding and research institutes, as well as indigenous traditional Philippine cultivars. The division focuses its activities on genetic diversity research as well as germplasm collection, conservation, management, dissemination, and utilization in support to PhilRice rice breeding and development activities.

Rice Engineering and Mechanization

Improves the national level of farm mechanization and modernizes rice production and postharvest operations. The division also strengthens the Institutes capacity to design, develop, manufacture, and market farm machinery for rice production and postproduction operations while considering the needs and conditions of our rice farmers.

Rice Chemistry and Food Science

Focuses on increasing the productivity and profitability of rice farming systems by determining grain quality characteristics of rice, developing technologies on other uses of rice and its by-products and promoting these high-quality and value-added products to benefit consumers/farmers and food manufacturers. The division also helps increase the Institutes profitability by rendering quality analytical services in support of the development of appropriate and best technologies for Filipino farmers.


Conducts research and policy studies to help develop an efficient, competitive and sustainable rice industry, nurtured by sound policy environment. It supports PhilRices function of providing timely information to the industry.

Development Communication

Promotes rice production technologies through the strategic use of communication media and current information and communications technologies to educate and increase awareness, access, and understanding of extension workers and farmers and/or the general public on rice science for development (RS4D).

Technology Management and Services

Promotes and disseminates high impact rice technologies through area-based technology promotion, and training and education to help increase the productivity and income of rice farmers. The division also enhances capacities of extension workers and other change agents through retooling or rice science and technology updates.


Offers quality support services to the operations of the Institute particularly in human resources, property, records, procurement of supplies, materials and equipment, visitors and facilities, training dormitory, printing, and motorpool services. The division also ensures proper implementation of all policies, procedures, and systems of the Institute.


Provides financial and management support services. The division has several units such as budget, accounting, cashiering andbookkeeping.

Information Systems

Provides the central direction and leadership in network infrastructure-related matters, geographic information system-remote sensing activities, and other information and database systems development. The division also develops innovative and efficient systems for gathering, storing, organizing, analyzing, and accessing biophysical and socioeconomic information to support agroecology-specific technology recommendations for rice and rice-based farming and value-adding activities.

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is a government corporate entity attached to the Department of Agriculture created through Executive Order 1061 on 5 November 1985 (as amended) to help develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos.

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