PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine


PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine, a pure wine that captures the unique taste of naturally-fermented glutinous rice. It is a clear, full-bodied wine with luxurious alcoholic flavor, moderate sweetness and lingering finish.

7 reasons why you should stock up on the PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine:

  1. PhilRice Tapuy is the healthiest alcoholic drink in the market, being the only wine that does not contain sulphites or chemical preservatives that cause hangovers and allergies.
  2. PhilRice as manufacturer of this wine adheres to current good manufacturing practices set by the Food and Drug Administration; and is certified by the SOCOTEC [SOCOTEC Certification International Philippines, Inc] as compliant to ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, and ISO 18001 for Occupational Safety and Health.
  3. Whether chilled or on the rocks, the PhilRice Tapuy rice wine is ideal with a variety of dishes, like white meats, pastas and even pastries.
  4. With a 14% alcohol content, Tapuy can also be mixed as a cocktail drink. At the “Gastronomia 6” competition at Holiday-Inn Clark, the grand prize winner in the cocktail category used PhilRice Tapuy as one main ingredient and bagged the award for its unique twist.
  5. Its mild soothing flavor and distinct aroma complement almost any gourmet, making it a superb flavor enhancer of some of our favorite dishes. Thus, chefs highly recommend Tapuy for cooking to bring out the flavor in dishes.
  6. A cookbook featuring dishes and cocktails prepared with Tapuy rice wine is also available. This is created in collaboration with top chefs and food gourmets all over the Philippines.
  7. PhilRice Tapuy gives an authentic taste of the Philippines, as it is derived from the ancient ceremonial drink of the Philippines (tapuy in most parts of the cordillera and Ilocos regions, tapey in Benguet, bayah in Ifugao and pangasi in northwestern Mindanao).

For inquiries on the PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine, send us an email at or You can also send us a message at our fb page: PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine.

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