Rice science for the farmers

Rice science for the farmers mirrors people whose lives were touched and transformed through rice R&D. Our science is not just rice-centered, it is also people-centric. It is not merely doing research for research’s sake because our R&D workers believe that many people entrust their aspirations on us hoping that these will come true. In this issue, people from all walks of life retell how our R&D outputs have created an impact in their lives.

Championing Competitiveness

Ways to become competitive have been presented to us multiple times. The next steps now rest on the ability of agencies to deliver interventions effectively, policymakers to put in place relevant policies, consumers to support local producers, and farmers to adopt best-fit practices. While we embody the challenge, let us also learn from those who made it through the journey, even in the global market. They are the farmer-champions we can take inspiration from, as we tread the path toward competitiveness.

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Quality Rules

With an open rice market, local farmers face a mighty, probably unknown competition. To provide them high-quality seeds that can help them become competitive, PhilRice works hand-in-hand with its partners, like the Bureau of Plant Industry-National Seed Quality Control Services (BPI-NSQCS), to ensure that quality processes are observed from varietal development to seed production. Farmers also need to adhere to the best crop management practices. This issue features stories of living up to this mantra: QUALITY RULES!

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As imported and cheaper rice floods our market, now, more than ever, is the best time to rally behind our farmers. Let us help them produce more rice efficiently; buy their harvests at a fair price; and show them that we value their work. After all, the rice that they produce is what connects us and makes us Filipinos.

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PalayCheck-System: Sama-samang matuto, Sama-samang umasenso

Sa pamamagitan ng PalayCheck System, nagagabayan ang mga magsasaka mula sa paggamit ng dekalidad na binhi hanggang sa tamang pagsisinop ng inaning palay.Bukod pa diyan, sama-sama silang natuto, kaya naman sama-sama rin ang pag-asenso ng bawat bida ng sakahan, ang magsasaka!

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We can compete

Government support in the form of yield-enhancing and cost-reducing technologies could help boost our farmers’ confidence to continue producing rice and compete in an open rice market. The use of high-quality inbred seeds among our farmers is the first step in achieving a competitive yield

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Wag masindak sa imported na bigas. Kaya nating labanan ito!

Mas masaya ang magsasakang napalaki ang kanyang ani sa kabila ng maliit na puhunan. Sa pamamagitan ng iba’t-ibang estratehiyang nilalaman ng isyung ito, alamin king paano mapapataas ang iyong ani habang pinapababa ang iyong gastusin sa bukid!

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Makulay at Masustansyang Kanin, Alamin!

Ang bawat uri ng palay ay may kwento. Kwentong magpapakilala sa pinagmulan o kultura, sustansiyang hatid, kaakit-akit na anyo, at maging ang kakaibang lambot o kunat ng kanin. Lasahan, namnamin, at mamangha sa pambansang palay, bigas, o kanin.

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Group marketing sell as one, rise as one

The power of group marketing lies on the idea of farmers working together and helping each other. Everyone has an opportunity to acquire inputs, learn new knowledge, market produce, and increase income. As a result and in a sustainable manner, they sell their produce together and eventually rise as one.


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RSS Right dapat

Binhi ang pundasyon ng pagsasaka. Ayon sa mga eksperto, ang pagtatanim ng de-kalidad na binhi ng rekomendadong barayti ay nakapagbibigay ng 5-20% dagdag ani sa tamang pangangalaga nito.


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