Keeping the passion for almost four generations September 29, 2022 - “We’re not here because it’s an easy life. We’re here to make lives easy.” This is the essence of serving the Filipino rice farmers, according to Dr. Santiago R. Obien, now 87, first DA-PhilRice director. A crux deeply ingrained that no insurgencies, vandalized fields, travel ordeals, and limited resources can interrupt. Conflict passers-by Reaching the […]
#ChallengeAccepted: Bringing more options to rice lovers August 23, 2022 - Living a healthy life is a matter of choice. While some people choose to be healthy, others take on the bigger responsibility to help others live a healthy life. In the rice industry, there are people who took on the challenge to bring healthier rice options to more Filipinos’ tables. Rice options to curb malnutrition […]
Producing rice seeds in pandemic times July 2, 2022 - Rice production is very vital regardless of major disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, especially because rice is a necessity. That is why despite hurdles, those who are tasked to increase rice production through hybrid rice persevere. Before the pandemic, Dr. Fidel Ramos, senior science research specialist at DA-PhilRice Isabela, related that their three-hectare parental seed […]
Starting anew with rice-veggie agribiz easy with coop June 5, 2022 - When they lost their jobs because of the pandemic, licensed massage therapist Aila Grospe and her business consultant-husband Pierangelo Alejo were faced with the challenge to look for new sources of income. Remembering her family’s 1.3-ha farm, which they did not till for 15 years since her father passed away, Aila convinced her husband to […]
Dr. Riza Abilgos-Ramos: nutritionist, researcher, and living a healthy lifestyle May 9, 2022 - We eat, work, and pray every day. Why not add exercise in between? Dr. “Reeze”, our recently conferred Scientist I, shares her journey as a nutritionist and her insights on work–life balance. Becoming a nutritionist During her childhood in Camarines Norte, Doc Reeze was skinny and very sickly. She was among those who lined up […]
Breaking Barriers: The sisterhood in rice farming December 13, 2021 - While substantial steps to promote gender equality in our country have been taken with the enactment of the Magna Carta of Women in 2009, gender gaps remain in other industries like agriculture. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, 8.31 million men and 2.76 million ladies in 2016 were employed in agriculture. Men were also paid […]
Enchanting the youth into agriculture November 3, 2021 - One of the alternative courses of action in disseminating information about agriculture is engaging the youth community. Various programs have been developed to encourage the youth to be involved in agriculture especially in rice farming to help farmers adapt available technologies. Let’s discover the engagements of the youth in agriculture. After almost 7 years of […]
Women find new aspirations in RiceBIS September 8, 2021 - Darkness starts to engulf the remaining light of the day but the rustles have not slowed down a bit inside the Pinagbuklod na Adhika Multipurpose Cooperative (PNAMC) facility in Macarse, Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija. The last sack of palay was poured into the brown rice milling machine. Several women can be seen filling plastic bags labeled […]
Revolution of the young July 15, 2021 - From igniting movements to catapulting global phenomena in technology, politics, and business, the youth has played a big role throughout our history. Armed with idealism, zeal, and passion, the world’s young cohort continues to grow in terms of population. According to the UN Population Fund-Philippines, our country now has the largest generation of young people […]
Reminiscing partnerships with farmers June 16, 2021 - Three women farmers in Currimao, Ilocos Norte retell their stories of separation, hard work, and triumph with DA-PhilRice Batac. They were the Institute’s farmer-partners in implementing the Palayamanan and the JICA Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP) 3 a couple of decades or so ago. Palayamanan is a diversified integrated rice-based farming system that aimed to maximize […]
The plant and the seed: A pre-pandemic tale of two farmers April 30, 2021 - In the outskirts of Santiago, Gerona, Tarlac, a community is nestled in the middle of an agricultural land. Here, families know each other. After all, they are related by blood. By early afternoon, many of the relatives gather under a massive mango tree where halo-halo is being sold to beat the April heat. It resembles […]
From tears to cheers: PhilRice in the eyes of an IP woman December 21, 2020 - I am Edelita Bodino, 54 years old. I belong to the Agta-Tabangnon tribe in Danao, Polangui, Albay. As so-called indigenous people (IP), we are known for planting rice and coconut on the mountain slopes. These rices we call Dinorado and Hinawa are cherished for their delicious taste. They are our community’s main staple food, but […]
Round-the-clock while locked September 30, 2020 - Albeit worried and uncertain, two PhilRice women-leaders did not lose their reins in handling the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) programs when the Luzon lockdown was resorted to beginning in mid-March. Amidst the intimidating pandemic, their worries were beyond contracting COVID-19 and their own welfare. Selfless, their foremost concern was helping drive national programs crucial […]
Promoting resilience in a cooperative August 19, 2020 - Our battlecry for rice security is not a no-contest bout! We must overcome challenges that come along the way. For one thing, in 2019 the country replaced import limits with tariffs that intensified foreign competition for our local rice farmers. To weather these challenges, collaborative efforts and support are essential. This is why a cooperative […]
PhilRice-bred Cordillera varieties released June 1, 2020 - Our breeders scored high in 2019 as the National Seed Industry Council released 10 of their new varieties. NSIC 2019 Rc 522H (Mestiso 103), is a hybrid variety released on March 11, 2019 – a product of PhilRice-UP Los Baños collaboration. The other new varieties are four rainfed (NSIC 2019 Rc 568, Rc 572, Rc […]
From seeds to shelves (of the global market) December 9, 2019 - If the enactment and inescapable enforcement of the Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) has put the Filipino rice farmers right at the belly of the beast, then the organic farmers of Don Bosco Multipurpose Cooperative (DBMPC) based in Makilala, North Cotabato have extricated themselves unscathed. While they remain unaffected by the plunging prices of fresh palay […]
The seed keepers July 10, 2019 - Perched on a verdant hill where the traditional rice varieties (TRVs) of her tribe are planted, I hear her sing melodiously to the heavens for a bountiful harvest. Her voice, resonating and calming, blends with and flavors the afternoon breeze in her village. This is their tribal song to their God. Her name is Mastine […]
POV of first time tatay POV of First Time Tatays: A 180 degrees; change of life June 27, 2019 - Unlike Mathematics, fatherhood doesn’t have any formula. This is why becoming a father opens a whole new world and changes the way most men think and act.
Los Baños cafe satisfies both diners & farmers June 23, 2019 - It is Thursday and Cherrys Abrigo is on her way to buy rice from the Dumagat farmers in Antipolo City, Rizal. A few years ago, the now 3-hour drive from her hometown Los Baños, Laguna leading to the community was anything but smooth. “This was muddy back then. I had to ride a motorcycle and […]
conquering work and motherhood Motherhood and work: 5 advice to conquer both worlds June 7, 2019 - In a study by Dr. David Richter and his colleagues, first-time and experienced mothers and fathers suffer at least six years of sleep deprivation after the mother gives birth. These advice will help the struggling mothers balance their duties at home and at work.
philrice midsayap Gender-sensitive station June 4, 2019 - About 70 PhilRice Midsayap staff were trained on crafting PhilRice Gender and Development agenda.
ride on attachment hand tractor Gender-neutral machines ease farming May 14, 2019 - Despite differences in farm wage, female workers persevere, that just in Central Luzon, there’s a female for every two male farmers. With the involvement of women in agriculture, PhilRice has come up with gender-friendly machines.
different rice experience Try knowledge adventure this summer vac May 2, 2019 - Summer is one of the best times that we can fuel our children’s dreams. A PhilRice visit may give them a kick-start in knowing more about their passion and what they want to achieve.
sportsfest More productive years March 31, 2019 - PhilRice Midsayap Experiment Station opens its 31st founding anniversary by boosting camaraderie and gender sensitivity among its staff.
men and women farmers of the philippines Men and women farmers of the Philippine rice granary March 29, 2019 - Read this infographic based on the 2018 Central Luzon gender research results and check how they can be used as actionable data.
An epitome of strength March 28, 2019 - PhilRice is a home for inspiring women. Let’s discover the story behind one of PhilRice’s women-leaders and a gem of the Technology Management and Services Division.
Enhancing women’s equity March 26, 2019 - To increase awareness on gender sensitivity, PhilRice Los Baños held a seminar titled, “Breaking the Bonds of Sexism: Gender Sensitivity and Its Application to PhilRice.”
RICEponsible kids March 25, 2019 - School children from Tabug Elementary School in Batac City, Ilocos Norte pledge not to waste rice after participating in a mobile Rice Science Museum exhibit.
Women-farmers revered March 23, 2019 - Women-farmers revered. High school students in San Mateo, Isabela honored the women farmers this Women’s Month through arts. The young artists portrayed the role of women in rice farming. Artworks were exhibited in the town’s municipal hall. No Related Post
Hundreds of youth for agri March 22, 2019 - Almost a thousand students were introduced to the prospects in agriculture in an information caravan for youth held in Legazpi City, Albay.
Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is a government corporate entity attached to the Department of Agriculture created through Executive Order 1061 on 5 November 1985 (as amended) to help develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos.

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