To address the needs of agriculture stakeholders to have easier access to science-based rice information, Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) launched new social media accounts during its Farmers Field Day dubbed as the Lakbay Palay in Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, March 20-21. The Institute’s page on YouTube ( and TikTok ( were created based on stakeholders’ demand for rice information on said platforms.  In a survey conducted on […]

To support a Negros-based cooperative in expanding its agribusiness ventures, the Bank of the Philippine Islands Foundation (BPIF), Inc. is equipping the organization with enterprise machines that will enhance the transport and production of the farmers’ produce. Anileen Pajarillo, implementer of the Rice Business Innovations System (RiceBIS) Community Program of Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) in Negros, said the Quezon Codcod RiceBIS Farmers’ Cooperative (QueCoRiFACo) has received a truck and […]

Jenipher Onera, a recent farm school owner, charts a remarkable course from overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to a successful rice educator; thanks to the emblematic impact of her thirst for knowledge nourished by Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund Rice Extension Services Program (RCEF RESP). After 18 years as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she returned to her hometown in Batac, Ilocos Norte when her mother […]

Several legislators expressed their support for the BeRICEponsible campaign of the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) as they visited the recent exhibit titled, “Palay. Bigas. Kanin. Alamin” at the Senate building in Pasay City. The lawmakers affirmed their commitment to the campaign by endorsing the ABKD practices: (A) Adlay, mais, saba, atbp. ay ihalo sa kanin; (B) Brown Rice ay kainin; (K) Kanin ay huwag sayangin; at (D) Dapat bigas […]

To help prevent the imminent food shortage due to the aging of farmers, the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and two clubs of Kiwanis International are intensifying efforts to revitalize agriculture through youth education. Citing an information from the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, Glenda Hufano, governor of Kiwanis International-Philippine Luzon District, said that with the typical age of Filipino farmers falling between 55 […]

Farmers in Lanao del Norte who had previously abandoned rice farming due to significant yield losses are now looking forward to improved harvests, thanks to the efforts of a graduate from the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund Rice Extension Service Program (RCEF RESP). Queenie R. Notario, owner of a farm school in Bacolod, has begun planning outreach to these farmers.  “My mission is to restore their faith in rice farming. I […]

With more implementers trained on agroenterprise development, more farming communities will soon benefit from the clustering approach in the Rice Business Innovation System (RiceBIS) Program. In a recent three-day training course on agroenterprise, 40 implementers worked on expanding the value chain-oriented agroenterprise in its 23 communities nationwide. They also learned about processing, product generation, marketing, policy, monitoring, and evaluation from trainor Ronnel dela Cruz. 

The notion of debt often carries a heavy burden of negativity and caution as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some; for [they] that go a borrowing go a sorrowing.” For the South Agusan Multipurpose Cooperative (SAMPCO), the word “debt” did not conjure images of financial distress and burdensome obligations. Cooperative officials instead envisioned it as a potent instrument for […]

Grace Pastrana, a 25-year-old agricultural technologist from the Occidental Mindoro provincial agriculture office, is now a proud farmer-partner in improving the rice growers’ sustainable practices. Having completed the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund Rice Specialist Training Course (RCEF RSTC), Grace now serves as a valuable resource speaker, facilitator, and advocate for ecological farming practices in her province. The RCEF RSTC is a comprehensive training program that aims to develop rice specialists […]

A pioneering movement is taking shape, driving a transformation in traditional rice farming practices in Leyte. One of the drivers of change is Engr. Fermina Aling, a 69-year-old visionary farmer, and owner of JAMPOL Integrated Farm School, who has embraced the theory of digitalization to propel her community toward a future of agricultural prosperity. With the help of innovative applications, Fermina and her fellow farmers are unlocking the potential of […]

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is a government corporate entity attached to the Department of Agriculture created through Executive Order 1061 on 5 November 1985 (as amended) to help develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos.

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