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Filipino performers emphasized the value of rice and its producers during the CelebRICE: A  RICEponsable Ako fair held at the Trinoma Activity Center, Dec. 10.

In the concert participated by eight band groups and artists, Ebe Dancel, former lead vocalist and guitarist of the pop alternative band Sugarfree, told the crowd that he had been eating brown rice for three to four years owing to its benefits.

Studies show that brown rice is a good source of fiber, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6. Researchers at Harvard University said that eating 50 g of brown rice a day lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 36 percent.

“I hope that with the increased awareness on brown rice, more restaurants will serve this healthy rice,” Dancel said in Filipino.

Never the Strangers of Close Up`s Moving Closer fame and singer-songwriter Kitchie Nadal also promoted the consumption of brown rice.

“Other than the health benefits, what I like most in brown rice is its nutty taste. Brown rice had made me healthier and with more Filipinos eating brown rice, it will improve the agriculture economy,” Nadal, a brown rice consumer for more than a year, said.

Meanwhile, Tutti Caringal, vocalist of 6cyclemind; Christine Barchini; Maychelle Baay, vocalist of  Moonstar88; Kleggy Abaya of Banda ni Kleggy; and Davey Langit encouraged the public not to waste rice as farmers put hard work on its production before the staple food reaches our plates.

“Some of us are not lucky to eat rice, especially now that our country had just experienced an intense calamity. Let`s not waste rice. And every time we eat, let`s think that the rice that nourishes us was produce through farmers’ sweat. We can’t just disregard hard work,” Abaya said.

Data show that Filipinos waste an average of 2.5 tablespoons of rice daily, which result in a total of P6.2-billion rice thrown away every year; enough to feed 2.6 million Filipinos every year.

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