paddy straw 10-2A PhilRice Negros study has identified rice varieties that are high-yielding and suited for climate types in Western Visayas.

The study led by Alvin Palanog, senior science research specialist, tested 30 rice varieties to see which ones can thrive well in the region. NSIC Rc152 and PSB Rc14 were found to be the most stable in terms of high grain yield ranging from 6 – 8.7 t/ha and 5.8 – 8 t/ha respectively.

Yield stability refers to the consistency of harvest rate in all study locations amid different rice-growing environments. Palanog says the two varieties can be introduced to rainfed rice farmers to increase rice production.

Additionally, three varieties were also found to be high-yielding and generally adaptable to Western Visayas conditions. They are NSIC Rc152, Rc222, and Rc224.

Palanog explained that while these varieties are intended for irrigated lowland, they performed well enough in rainfed lowland areas in Western Visayas provided there are no drought episodes.

Of the three varieties, NSIC Rc152, bred by PhilRice, is best recommended for its high adaptability and high average grain yield. Rc152’s yield ranges from 6 to 8.7 t/ha.

In Iloilo, NSIC Rc144 was the best performing variety. Soil types in the province vary from clay to sandy clay loam. Also, wet and dry seasons are not pronounced. The climate is relatively dry from November to April and wet for rest of the year.

Meanwhile, NSIC Rc134 was the best-performing variety in Negros Occidental and Antique. These provinces are generally dry from November to April and wet for the rest of the year. Rc134’s yield average is 4.55 t/ha.

Both Rc134 and Rc144 were identified to be high-yielding varieties in irrigated lowland with average yields of 5.4 t/ha and 5.5 t/ha, respectively.  They, however, were also found to be low resistance to environmental changes.

In Guimaras, Capiz, and Aklan, Rc150 performed best. Palanog explained it is recommended in rainfed areas in the Visayas with Type III climate and clay type soil.

Palanog adds, their recommendations hold true in other areas with similar soil and climate types and water source.  “I am hoping that DA-RFO 6 will promote the results of this study to our farmers in Western Visayas,” says Palanog.

Among the top performing rice varieties, however, only Rc222, PSB Rc14 and Rc224 are available in the region.

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