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Rice is a great companion when eating morning, noon, and night. But rice, fermented into Tapuy wine, is an even fun friend when you wish to celebrate, relax, and unwind.

PhilRice Tapuy satisfies your thirst

With 14% alcohol, Tapuy rice wine gives just the right level of inebriation, with no hangovers and allergies the morning after. Traditionally used by our forefathers for important occasions like rice harvestings and weddings, in modern times it can also take the place of your regular beverage for parties, get-togethers, and the usual nightcap.

PhilRice Tapuy rice wine is guaranteed to keep you warm especially in the coming cold –ber months, as its origin is from the Mountain Province. One shot of this liquid fire will get your pulses racing. The more things change, the more they stay the same; so they say.
Thus, the Tapuy produced by PhilRice is prepared with the same attention to detail then and now.

PhilRice Tapuy fits your lifestyle

Because Tapuy wine is made from rice, it fits mealtimes as table wine. Chilled or on the rocks, PhilRice Tapuy is ideal for white meats, pastas, and even pastries.  As cooking wine, it brings out the flavor in dishes. Mixed with other spirits, the PhilRice Tapuy wine can hold its own, and gives a unique twist to regular cocktails. Rice wine is also ideal as a corporate token, or presented to foreign guests as a distinctive souvenir from the Philippines.

Available in 750ml bottles, Tapuy can also be sampled in the 50ml PhilRice Tapuy Shot size, sold for only P55 per bottle. The new shot size is easier to carry, and is practically unbreakable.  Whether you drink or share it, the Tapuy Shot is a clear choice.

PhilRice Tapuy is a winner

Unlike most wines, the PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine is virgin. It is guaranteed pure and natural, with only three main ingredients: rice, water, and bubod.  For health buffs, there is no need to worry because this wine is plain and uncomplicated, no sulfites or preservatives added.

Described as a clear, full-bodied wine with luxurious alcoholic flavor, moderate sweetness and lingering finish; the PhilRice Tapuy Rice Wine is a product of intensive research by the Philippine Rice Research Institute, starting in 1995. It is FDA-approved and follows good manufacturing practices as required by the Institute’s triple certification to ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Safety and Health.

There are many ways to enjoy the PhilRice Tapuy, so take your shot now.

PhilRice Tapuy is available at selected supermarkets. For orders, drop a line to bdd@philrice.gov.ph.

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