The Philippine Rice Research Institute has just published its 2016 Milestones, a comprehensive reporting of major accomplishments in rice R&D of the Institute.

The Milestones reports the accomplishments of the Institute in three key areas: research, development, and administration.

Among the research highlights are the release of six new rice varieties, including a hybrid that can yield as high as 11 t/ha, established protocols and methods in DNA fingerprinting and rice varietal identification—a long-awaited feat in local rice breeding, and the development of nine agri-machines.

Development highlights include millions of citizens reached through the campaigns and other development initiatives of the Institute.

In 2016, PhilRice published 5 books, 2 book chapters, and 27 journal articles.

“We show [in this publication] how we we are providing intellectual and practical leadership in rice S&T in the country,” says Dr. Sailila E. Abdula, PhilRice executive director.

Additionally, the Institute had three new patents in 2016. It should be noted that PhilRice was cited in 2015 by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines for filing the most number of patents and Patent Cooperation Treaty in the country.

Additionally, in 2016, PhilRice welcomed six returning scholars who obtained their postgraduate studies from some of the best local and international universities; and sent 26 staff members to training programs.

The Institute, in 2016, reported 20 completed infrastructure projects.

Likewise, the PhilRice Strategic Plan 2017 to 2022 was also crafted and validated in 2016.

Abdula thanks the partners of the Institute in implementing the R&D initiatives.

In his message, he mentioned that the “unwavering support [of PhilRice’s partners] has significantly helped us in doing and achieving more for the Philippine rice industry.”

The PhilRice 2016 Milestones is available from this link.

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Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is a government corporate entity attached to the Department of Agriculture created through Executive Order 1061 on 5 November 1985 (as amended) to help develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos.

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