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PhilRice Los Baños successfully held its National Year of Rice (NYR) exhibit during the annual Syensaya, and demonstrated to more than 700 students, teachers, and researchers that science can be taught in a fun and interactive way.

The NYR exhibit was held at the University of the Philippines Los Baños Copeland Gymnasium from July 31 to August 2. Besides the usual banners and video on the NYR, the popular Palay dance was also shown during the activity to the delight of the attendees.

Richard Romanillos, development coordinator of PhilRice Los Baños and exhibit team leader, also discussed during the activity the importance of students in their role as consumers in helping the country achieve rice self-sufficiency.

Francine Nicole Custodio, a grade 3 student, said that the exhibit taught her not to waste rice, as reflected in her post on the NYR commitment wall.

“The exhibit is interactive. I really enjoyed dancing the Palay dance with my fellow students. It’s a good form of exercise,” said Princess Mae Anuyo, a grade 6 student.

Angela Recio, a grade 5 student, said that they also enjoyed the “Answer a question, Win a prize” gimmick of the exhibit.

During the game, the questions asked were about rice, and prizes included Palay-Bigas-Kanin t-shirt, PhilRice magazines, Rice Manga, Appreciating Rice Book, and NYR singlet, ballers, fans, and stickers.

From the exhibit evaluation forms filled by the visitors of the exhibit, students, teachers, and researchers gave a “very good” rating to its overall conduct.

An annual program by the Los Baños Science Community Foundation Inc., Syensaya features the latest scientific research and technological innovations through forums and exhibits for students. It aims to disseminate information on the social importance of science and technology in community development.

It is conducted in line with the celebration of the National Science and Technology Week in collaboration with its 23 member agencies and the Department of Science and Technology.

The NYR is an advocacy campaign that aims to highlight the need for citizen’s involvement in achieving rice self-sufficiency, promoting better health among rice consumers, and improving the income of farmers.

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