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Rice wastage and healthy consumption are expected to be reduced and promoted in households under a new partnership between PhilRice and a social development organization operating nationwide.

The one-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) that took effect June 7 promotes responsible rice consumption and good farming practices in keeping with the National Year of Rice observance. President Aquino III proclaimed NYR 2013 late last year to intensify the government campaign to achieve rice self-sufficiency.

The MOU stipulates that the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD), Inc. will encourage its women-clients to be more responsible rice consumers.

Marilyn M. Manila, head of the CARD Community Development Group, said reducing rice wastage and eating brown rice will be promoted during their meetings. Their clients will also be encouraged to share these practices among their families.

PhilRice’s Hazel V. Antonio, NYR 2013 campaign director, said “what makes this partnership special and unique is the involvement of mothers, who generally decide on and prepare the food in the households. Making them aware on rice wastage and healthier forms of rice will help mold responsible rice consumers and healthy families.”

Studies show that Filipinos waste an average of 2 tablespoons of cooked rice each every day, which is equivalent to P6.2B or the consumption of nearly 2.6M Filipinos a year.

Eating brown rice is being promoted as studies show that complete milling and polishing, which result in the preferred white rice, remove 67% of its vitamin B3; 80%, vitamin B1; 90%, B6; half of the manganese and phosphorous; 60%, iron; and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

Moreover, CARD will provide loans to cooperatives that will venture in inbred and hybrid rice production to help increase seed and rice supplies.

CARD, which has 2 million clients in the country, will also help PhilRice identify technology demonstration project sites that will showcase practices for farmers to adopt.

Antonio said NYR 2013 also promotes better inbred and hybrid varieties for different farm environments.

Other than disseminating NYR 2013 advocacies, CARD with 1,451 offices nationwide, will also help PhilRice market its rice and rice-based products and farm machinery.

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