Be RiceponsibleReady SET rice!

Celebrities, led by Piolo Pascual, urged the public to be more “rice-conscious” during the recent kick-off ceremonies of the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) in Diliman, Quezon City.

“Together with my fellow celebrities, I believe that being Riceponsible (word play between rice and responsibility) is not only good for our health, but also for our farmers and our country. Let’s SET rice! Save rice, Eat healthy, and Try brown rice,” Pascual, a rice ambassador, said in Filipino.

The multi-awarded actor stressed that on statistical average, each Filipino wasted three tablespoons of cooked rice every day in 2013. Altogether, the wasted rice could have fed 4.6 million Filipinos.

“Kaya kung usapang-kanin, dapat sakto lang. Or, we are advised to try substituting white rice with healthier options like brown rice. Iwas-sakit ka na, iwas-aksaya ka pa kung magiging RICEponsable ka (Let’s get just enough rice; it’s about food-security and health).”

Artist Sonny Boy Pangilinan of our DOT-accredited Rice Science Museum also launched his work, Si Malakas at Maganda, as a medium in increasing awareness on the benefits of brown rice. It will be exhibited in QCX together with his other works inspired by national artist Fernando C. Amorsolo.

Not to be outdone, farmers and rice consumers in Nueva Ecija engaged the audience on the realities of farmers’ lives and on the ways consumers can appreciate farmers.

“I’m overwhelmed with the farmers’ performance; no pretensions and it struck emotions. It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed such a performance,” Cj Hirro, Ms. Global Philippines 2016, said.

Pascual and Hirro are joined by Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, and Alyana Asistio as rice ambassadors.

DA Undersecretary Ariel Cayanan lauded the rice ambassadors for their commitment in encouraging their fans and followers to appreciate the farmers, not waste rice, and eat brown rice.

NRAM is celebrated every November pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 524, s.2004.


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