The Rural Transformation Movement (RTM) of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) conducted a series of mind-setting workshops among the PhilRice staff in all stations to inculcate the value of entrepreneurial principles in rice R&D. Mind-setting workshop

PhilRice has embraced a paradigm to ensure that its rice R&D programs could create a holistic impact among rural farming areas. Reports suggest that while there have been rice production gains achieved over the years, poverty remains a pressing predicament in the rural, farming areas. With the paradigm called PalaYamaNayon, the Institute aims for rural transformation, not simply transmission, of its technologies and services. By rural transformation, PhilRice wants to enable positive and relevant change.

Facilitated by Dr. Rene Resurreccion, a licensed trainer of the Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise Approach and the director of Passion for Perfection, Inc., the workshop followed a module on excellence and rural transformation.

“With this module, we want our farmers be entrepreneurs. And it has to start from changing their mindset that they will be able to improve their lives and earn more,” Resurreccion said.

During the workshop, Resurreccion presented the entrepreneurial characteristics the Filipino farmers must possess to create the ‘enterprising mindset’. He highlighted the ways to transform the farmers from being mere crop producers into agri-preneurs. He also emphasized the important role of PhilRice researchers and development specialists in this vision.

Dr. Ronan Zagado, RTM lead person, has emphasized the PalaYamaNayon KKK strategies PhilRice will carry out. These KKK strategies are: 1) Kaya Natin ‘to, 2) Kikita tayo, and 3) Kikilos tayo.

“These will serve as our mantra and guiding principles as PhilRice continues to deliver its functions to serve the Filipino farmers,” Zagado concluded.

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