Aside from the opportunity of studying in a good school, scholarship gives free education and covers lodging, travel allowance, and book allowance.

So, if you’re planning to apply for a free graduate course, consider these tips.

Start from the net and Human Resource Management Office

Genevive Nemeño of PhilRice Agusan found her scholarship through browsing the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) website. She filled up all the requirements listed on the website and submitted the applications to the Graduate School Dean of the University of Los Baños.

A lot of Philippine government agencies post scholarship grants on the website such as Commission on Higher Education and Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture. There are also local and international programs that offer various scholarships in different fields.

You also need not search that far. A call to our Human Resource Management Office may give us a lead.

Ask advice from your scholar colleagues

Pernelyn S. Torreña, research and development coordinator of PhilRice Midsayap finished her PhD in the Australian National University through Australia Awards Scholarship, a scholarship offered by the Australian government. She shared that getting her scholarship was first introduced to her by a former colleague.

Reynante Ordonio, lead of PhilRice Healthier Project was challenged when his peers got accepted as Japan scholars and thought he should also give it a try.  He finished his graduate studies in Nagoya University in Japan through Panasonic scholarship.

He submitted the requirements and followed the application process based on an ad posted by his workmate.

Asses based on course, benefits, and needs

Deciding what scholarship to get is not like choosing food to eat. You don’t select just because you like it, It is necessary to consider its relation to your field, school location, family, environment, and scholarship offer.

“It’s vital to know what are the priority fields or courses of the scholarship program you are applying for. Your degree should be in line or related on your college or MS course,” Nemeño said.

Complete all the needed requirements

Once you decided what scholarship and school you wish to apply, list down all the requirements you need to comply. According to Toreña, sponsors will automatically reject applications even if only one requirement is missing. Before submitting, review and make sure that everything is completely done.

If you feel uncertain about a single requirement, feel free to message the scholarship secretariat.

If you choose an international scholarship, comply first the basic requirements to travel, such as passport and visa. Scholarships abroad will also require you to pass an English language proficiency, so be sure to save and take the exam, and pass it.

Do your best

Ordonio emphasized that it is important to impress the evaluators and to outdo the hundreds applicants so attention to detail is everything.

 “I was thankful that I had a good start as PhilRice researcher. I had good understanding of my research and became confident in the entire process,” Ordonio said.

Nemeño added, “If you have trust and confidence in yourself and to our Almighty God, there is no other way but to go up and succeed. Have the responsibility to do your best not only for yourself but also for your family, institute, and country.”

Don’t let failure stop you

Failure is an ingredient to appreciate the delightful taste of success.  When you fail to pass a scholarship grant, do not stop there, get up and try again. That scholarship may not be for you, just keep on searching and trying.

Learn from the mistakes you may have committed from your previous application. If you think you haven’t answered the essay questions right because you were tired and pre-occupied, try to focus next time. If you have not completed the requirements because of the lack of time, manage it next time.

Keep on improving and trying, everything will be paid off at the right time.

“If the same scholarship rejected you several times (thrice or more), it might not be the ‘right scholarship’ for you. Try other grants, until you find your real match,” Toreña said.

Hurry and apply now

Scholarship grants have limited slots, so the earlier you apply the better. If you have plans now, start complying the basics. When the next scholarship you’re eyeing for opens, you will be prepared and not in a rush.

You may check scholarship opportunities from the links below:
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