gallery thumbnail Dr. Eufemio T. Rasco Jr.
The 4th Executive Director of PhilRice, he was appointed by Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III in July 2011; with a BS in Agriculture (Animal Science, 1971), and MS in Horticulture (Plant Physiology,1974) from UP Los Baños, and PhD in Plant Breeding and International Agriculture (1979) from Cornell University, New York, USA.

He was ranked as Academician by the National Academy of Science and Technology in 2009 in recognition of the commercial varieties and hybrids of tropical vegetables that he developed and are still being used today, more than 25 years after release in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

He spent most of his professional career at the UP, Los Baños and Mindanao campuses, teaching crop production and breeding and biology courses. His publications are on plant breeding, horticulture, and biology. He is author of 5 books: The Nypa Palm (2011),Vegetable Production (1990), The Potato in Tropical Asia (1997), The Sweetpotato in Tropical Asia (2001), and The Unfolding Gene Revolution (2008); and has three patents.

His research interests include vegetables, potato and sweet potato breeding, and agronomy; science and society; genetically modified crops; under-utilized crops; and sustainability of modern agriculture.

gallery thumbnail Dr. Manuel Jose C. Regalado
He first joined the Institute in 1988 as a Science Research Specialist at the Rice Engineering and Mechanization Division, and has served as division head, program leader, and project leader of researches on farm machine development, renewable energy, and windmill-pump system.

He was conferred the rank of Scientist I in the Philippine Scientific Career System by DOST-CSC; received prestigious awards for his scientific papers presented in national conferences and publications in refereed and ISI current contents-listed journals. He was also awarded the Outstanding Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Alumnus for Technology (Agriculture) in 2007, Outstanding PhilRice R& D staffer (2006 & 2007), and official (as Division Head in 2003).

He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Agricultural Engineering at UP Los Baños, and PhD in Agricultural Science at Iwate University, Japan under Ronpaku Fellowship of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He is an active member of international and local scientific societies of engineers, crop scientists, and career scientists.

gallery thumbnail Dr. Eduardo Jimmy P. Quilang
Graduating from the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a degree of Agricultural Engineering Major in Land and Water Resources Engineering Technology, he started working as a science research specialist at the Agronomy, Soils and Plant Physiology Division in 1995, then a supervising science research specialist in 2008.

He was awarded a Monbukagakusho Scholarship and finished his PhD in Agricultural Sciences specializing in Bioproduction Environmental Science at Kyushu University in Japan. He has received awards for his researches and scientific publications on Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture, Agrometeorological Studies, Adaptation and Mitigation Options for Climate Change, Weather and Climate Forecasting and Information, and Communications Technology for Agriculture.

He has given oral and poster presentations in countries such as Japan, Iran, China and Korea.

He was program manager/director of PhilRice – Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture; division head – Agronomy, Soils, and Plant Physiology Division; program leader – Climate Change Program; program leader – Favorable Environment; and director – Climate Change Center.

gallery thumbnail Lea D. Abaoag
As head of the Technology Management and Services Division, she leads in providing overall direction by prioritizing and streamlining the division’s research and development projects.

She earned her bachelor and master’s degrees in Development Communication from UP Los Baños. She also took Masters in Development Management in Asian Institute of Management.

As a senior development staff, she develops, packages, and manages national technology promotion activities primarily related to training. She is currently the project and training coordinator of the Season Long Rice Farming for Extension Agronomists for Sub Saharan countries. The project was designed to develop a cadre of extension agronomists in each of the Anglophone CARD countries.

She was head of the DevComm Division, coordinator of the Visitors and Conferences Services Office, assistant program leader of the PhilRice-GMA Rice Development Support Program, and program leader of the Location Specific Technology Development Program. She also headed the defunct Special Programs Management Office, which managed the implementation of the National Hybrid Rice Commercialization Program. She was also a former instructor at the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac, Ilocos Norte.

gallery thumbnail Dr. Antonio A. Alfonso
He leads a team at PhilRice that aims to develop, evaluate, and deliver beta-carotene-enriched rice varieties in the Philippines. Among his awards are Outstanding PhilRice Official, Outstanding Young Scientist (OYS) in Plant Biology, and The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in Science and Technology.

His team’s research accomplishments were recognized by the DA-BAR, DOST-NAST, and scientific organizations. He is a regular member of the National Research Council of the Philippines, officer of scientific societies, and an affiliate faculty of Central Luzon State University-Institute of Graduate Studies. His research interests include nutritional enhancement and improvement of rice resistance to drought, insect pests and diseases and other important traits through conventional breeding, wide hybridization, induced mutation, and genetic engineering.

He finished BS Biology from Central Luzon State University (cum laude), MS Genetics (minor in Plant Breeding) from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, and PhD in Plant Biology (major in Plant Molecular Biology, minor in Biochemistry and Plant Genetics) from Cornell University, New York, USA. He received research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, Generation Challenge Program and DA Biotech Project Implementation Unit.

gallery thumbnail Hazel V. Antonio
She finished with recognition Bachelor of Science in Development Communication at the University of the Philippines Los Baños with development journalism as major. Upon graduation in 2004, she then started working as a development communication specialist at the Development Communication Division of PhilRice.

She has published a number of articles and written, edited, and managed a number of publications including the manual of the holistic rice technology package called PalayCheck. With her significant contributions in communicating rice science and technology in the country, she was given special citation as outstanding staffer for two consecutive years.

In 2009, she then went to the Wageningen University and Research Center in The Netherlands where she obtained the Master of Science degree in International Development Studies, with specialization in development economics. While studying, she was commissioned to assist in the university’s European Union project on integrated testing strategies and was chosen to be the university’s delegate to the International Conference on Civil Society, Politics, Development, and Donors Strategy in Southern Africa. These gave her additional training on environmental economics and humanitarian aid and reconstruction.

Upon her return in 2011, she has been involved in development projects with emphasis on market and communication research. She is also currently serving as the Program Director of the National Year of Rice 2013, a national advocacy program that is enjoining every Filipino in the achievement of rice self-sufficiency in the country.

gallery thumbnail Karen Eloisa T. Barroga
She is one of the Institute’s pioneer staff. Over the years, in various leadership capacities, Karen has pursued a single objective – to bring rice science and technology closer to its end-users using innovative strategies. For her accomplishments in this area, she has been recognized by PhilRice and other organizations, including the IRRI-based Irrigated Rice Research Consortium that invited her as a member of its Steering Committee. Karen has also led and managed several development projects with local and international partners.

She obtained her PhD in 2010 from the University of Western Australia (UWA) under the John Allwright Fellowship of ACIAR and UWA scholarship. At UWA, she completed her research on the adoption of complex technologies.

Her interests include technology promotion, knowledge management, development communication, educational communication and technology, and project management.

gallery thumbnail Fidela P. Bongat
She is a graduate of two masters’ degrees: Global Agriculture majored in Environmental Economics at The University of Tokyo in 2005 and Agribusiness Management at Central Luzon State University in 2002. She received a diploma (with distinction) in Executive Program in Project Management at the Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands in 2009.

She was a recipient of various scholarships: 1) Land Bank of the Philippine Educational Foundation, Inc. for her BS degree; 2) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for her MS degree; and 3) The Netherlands Fellowship Programme for the MSM Executive Program.

Prior to her assignment to the branch station, she worked at the Planning and Collaborative Programs Office. She was involved in packaging and evaluating project proposals, preparing Memorandum/Letter of Agreements/Understanding, and coordinating project implementation both international and local projects such as the JICA Project Phase 3 (JICA-PhilRice TCP3), among others.

gallery thumbnail Engr. Noel D. Ganotisi
Before PhilRice, he worked as a researcher at Cotton Development Administration in 1985. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering at Mariano Marcos State University and master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering Major in Soil and Water Management at Central Luzon State University.

He is currently the Research Coordinator of PhilRice Batac. He is a member of various organizations such as Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers (PSAE), Philippine Soil Science Society and Technology, Inc., Crop Science Society of the Philippines, and Shalom Club Philippines.

He is a two-time Outstanding Researcher awardee and received a special citation as Development Staffer for his dedicated, invaluable, and steadfast service. His paper titled, Regulated Deficit Irrigation for Rice-based Watermelon under Ilocos Condition, won best paper during the 61st PSAE Annual National Convention and 9th International Agricultural Engineering Conference and Exhibition in 2011.

His trainings include Regional Training Workshop on Post-Harvest Technology for Rice Production held at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand on October 10-13, 2011 and the International Postgraduate Course in Crop-Weather Modeling sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization in Bet Dagan, Israel from February 25- March 31, 1996.

gallery thumbnail Evelyn F. Javier
She earned her degree in BS Agriculture Major in Agronomy, Minor in Agricultural Economics at Mariano Marcos State University and master’s degree in Botany major in Plant Physiology, minor in Crop Physiology UP Los Baños. She also took PhD units at Central Luzon State University in Nueva Ecija.

She specializes on soil fertility and rice plant nutrition. She presented scientific papers and posters in national and international conferences, winning her some awards on scientific papers and posters. She has also published in refereed and non-refereed journals and proceedings and shared her knowledge for popular articles and newspapers.

She is a lifetime member and 10-year Board Member of the Philippine Society of Soil Science and Technology; and a member of the Crop Science Society of the Philippines and Weed Science Society of the Philippines.

While she is active in the scientific circle, she is also actively participating in community outreach, sharing her God-given gifts and talents, particularly in rice science and technology.

gallery thumbnail Leylani M. Juliano
She specializes in agronomy, weed science, diversified, integrated rice-based farming systems, and extension education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Mariano Marcos State University and master’s degree in Agronomy minor in Extension Education at UP Los Baños.

She attended a Leadership Course for Asian Women in Agriculture R&D at the International Rice Research Institute in 2002. She attended international trainings on pest and disease management, such as ‘Herbicide resistance screening and analysis techniques’ from April to July 2008 at the University of Western Australia, Perth; International Training Course on Ecological Management of Rodents, Weeds and Rice Diseases: Biological and Social Dimensions from March 16-27, 2009 at the International Rice Research Institute in Los Baños, Laguna; and a six-month Agrobiotechnology Training Course at the Kobe University in Hyogo, Japan in 2010.

Her paper Herbicide Resistance in Echinochloa Species: The Case of Nueva Ecija and Iloilo Provinces won Best Paper in Weed Science during the 37th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines in Davao City in 2006. She was awarded the Marcos R. Vega Award in Weed Science for 2010 by the Weed Science Society of the Philippines during the 41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines.

gallery thumbnail Jaime A Manalo IV
He holds a Master of Communication in the field of Communication for Social Change degree from the University of Queensland, Australia. He has presented and written papers for national and international conferences on information and communications technology for development. He has also written papers on the same area in refereed journals. He is leading a campaign on mobilizing young individuals to become infomediaries for farmers.

Youth and ICTs, youth engagement in agriculture, and development informatics are his research interests. He maintains a blog on development communication for young development communication practitioners

gallery thumbnail Alice B. Mataia
She specialized in marketing, monitoring, and impact evaluation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and master’s degree in Economics. She leads the project, Impact Evaluation of R&D Products and Related Production Services under the Impact Evaluation and Policy Research and Advocacy Program of PhilRice.

She is the focal person of the Consortium of Unfavorable Environments (CURE) socioeconomic-related activities, team member of IRRI-IFAD-CURE lowland drought-prone project in the Philippines, and co-proponent of DOST-PCARRD project Increasing Farmers’ Access to High-Quality Rice Seeds through Efficient Seed Production Systems.

She was awarded as Outstanding Researcher in 2008 and 2009. She co-authored papers that gained awards in scientific conferences: Best Paper Finalist during the National Rice R&D Conference in 2010; Best Paper Award at the 20th FCSSP Scientific Conference in 2009; Best Book and Best Poster Award during the NAST Annual Scientific Meeting in 2000, 2005, and 2008; and Best Paper Award at the 17th National Research Symposium in 2005.

gallery thumbnail Ruben B. Miranda
He is former deputy executive director for development from 2009 to 2011. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and master’s degree in Rural Development at the Central Luzon State University.

He was given the Medal Sahametrei order de Chevalier, the second highest award given by the Kingdom of Cambodia for outstanding contribution in rural development, decreed by the National Assembly and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen at Phnom Penh in March 2000.

His paper, Development and Promotion of Location-specific High Yielding Technology for Intensive Irrigated Rice Areas in Nueva Ecija won the Best Paper Award in May 2009 during the 20th FCSSP Scientific Conference; and Best Paper and Poster Awards for the study, Partnership for Agricultural & Rural Transformation – Improving Farmers’ Lives during the 2008 CSSP Scientific Conference. He also received the Outstanding Public Official Award for 2006-2007 given during the 22nd PhilRice Anniversary in 2007.

He coordinated season-long training courses for rice specialists, including a rice production training for Brunei agricultural technologists in 2009. He served as a rice growing expert in the Tripartite Agreement among the governments of Japan and ASEAN countries for the Rural Development and Resettlement Project in Cambodia in 1996 and 1998 to 2000.

Dr. Ricardo F. Orge
He is a graduate of BS in Agricultural Engineering of ViSCA (Visayas State College of Agriculture now Visayas State University) and one of the topnotchers (sixth) in the 1982 agricultural engineering board examination. He took his MS in Agricultural Engineering at UP-Los Banos and PhD in Energy Engineering at UP-Diliman.

He has served PhilRice as division head (Rice Engineering and Mechanization Division, 1997-2001; Seed Production and Health Division, 2003-2006).

He was an outstanding PhilRice official in 2005 and most outstanding researcher in 2003. He has author/co-authored 26 scientific papers/technical bulletins, which were published in scientific journals/proceedings.

PhilRice has one invention patent and two utility models credited to his name in addition to two pending invention patents. He holds the rank of Scientist I under DOST Scientific Career System, a system characterized by entrance and career advancement based on qualifications, merit and scientific productivity.

gallery thumbnail Diego G. Ramos
He has a range of experience as project manager since 1982. As PhilRice development worker, he has received citations and commendations for his leadership and support in the implementation of rice production and Integrated Pest Management-Farmer’s Field School projects in Luzon. In 2002, he was given the Golden Leadership National Award (Achiever of the Year Award) by the United Group of Charities and Human Development, Inc. for meritorious and sterling performance in the implementation of Rice Research and Development and Extension activities that uplifted the level of living of rice farmers in Southern Luzon.

He finished his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture at University of the Philippines-Los Baños and master’s degree in Extension Education, also from the said university. He is finishing off his master’s in Business Administration from San Pablo Colleges. He is a member of Gamma Sigma Fraternity-UP Los Baños, YMCA, and Bukas Loob sa Diyos Convent Community.

gallery thumbnail Engr. Roy V. Santiago
He is a Certified information system auditor, a prime designation in Information System Auditing recognized around the world, and he serves as technical consultant for the crafting of PhilRice's Information System Strategic Plan.

At present, he is finishing his final paper for the Master in Public Management at Ateneo School of Government. He is a licensed Civil Engineer and a Plumbing Engineer and has been serving as design consultant for Infrastructure projects.

He also serves as lecturer in Plumbing Design during conventions of the Philippine Society of Plumbing Engineers. He also proposed the pilot design of Rainwater Harvesting facility at the motor pool area, which paved the way to make the idea of rainwater harvesting as an integral part of proposed buildings of PhilRice branch stations.

gallery thumbnail Dr. Dindo A. Tabanao
He has made significant impacts in plant breeding and molecular genetics in the Philippines. He was part of the PhilRice team that initiated the very first marker-assisted selection project in Philippine rice genetic improvement that became instrumental in the release of varieties with different gene resistance. He was also instrumental in developing the tungro-resistant Matatag 5, 6, 7, and 8.

His master’s research became the Philippines’ pioneering work on estimating kinship using simple sequence repeats in rice, which was published as part of the proceedings of scientific meetings held in Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines. It also won best paper and best poster awards during the BAR National Research Symposium in 2000.

His PhD research in the U. S. on maize genetic variance won best poster award by the Crop Science Society of America in 2004, and a Special Citation in the NAST Talent Search for Young Scientists in the Philippines in 2007. He also took part in the discovery of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in hexaploid wheat leading to the design of genome-specific primers around SNPs that are unique to wheat A, B, and D genomes. Through a research fellowship, he also identified barley DArT and SNP markers associated with grain yield in the Mediterranean region.

Being a prolific member of the international science community, he has reviewed manuscripts for different international refereed journals. He is also a member of the Rice Technical Working Group of the National Seed Industry Council.

Dr. Irene Tanzo
She obtained her PhD in Rural Sociology, minor in Women Studies in 2005 from the Pennsylvania State University, USA. She has vast experience in the conduct of and in lecturing various social science methodologies such as participatory rural appraisal, focus group discussion, survey, case studies, and gender analysis.

She leads the gender and development research and development activities of PhilRice. She is a member of the Gamma Sigma Delta, The Honor Society of Agriculture, USA; Rural Sociological Society; and CLARRDEC-Gender and Development. She had received national and international awards on her research work.

Her research interests include gender and rice and rice-based farming and social trends and social impacts of rice and rice-based farming.

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