• Plant as one, beat pests and viruses as one

    Today’s health crisis teaches us to act as one so we can heal as one. That is, when we are called to follow certain protocols, everyone must follow. One’s disobedience can put others’ lives into risk. The same goes for controlling pests in rice farming. A farming community’s planting calendar must be in sync, or […]

  • Farmers, watch out for viruses infecting the rice plant

    Viruses are fatal as they may claim lives when infected. Did you know that rice plants can also be infected with viruses? Yes, and they can result in significant yield losses when not properly managed. Worst, rice plants infected by some of these viruses are not treatable. Dr. Jennifer T. Niones, plant pathology expert of […]

  • Diversified, balanced diet is healthier

    By: Dr. Riza Abilgos-Ramos, nutritionist of Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) In fighting illnesses, it’s the immune system that shields us. For this system to function well, we need more colorful and natural food on our plates. Food diversity is key in helping fight viruses, common colds, and other usual sickness. To boost our immune […]

  • Woman-farmer hopeful amidst new rice trade system

    The sun hasn’t even risen in Barangay Cagumitan, Tuao, Cagayan, but Peregrina is already up to start her day. She starts by boiling water for her youngest son’s bath; preparing breakfast and cleaning the house. After doing the household chores, she would go their two-hectare rice fields and check whether the rice crop is getting […]

  • Intertwining love and advocacy

     There’s always a reason to celebrate love for someone through gifts as a  way to express love for our family, friends, or special someone. Here at PhilRice, we believe that the best way to do it is through rice. Because like love, advocacy is also something that we should all fight for. You no longer […]

Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) is a government corporate entity attached to the Department of Agriculture created through Executive Order 1061 on 5 November 1985 (as amended) to help develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos.

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