A. Qualified Borrowers and Users

All PhilRice employees, scholars, trainees, guests, contractors, and consultants may use the Library. Qualified borrowers, however, are limited to those who undergo the clearance procedures of the Institute.

B. User Responsibilities

Care must be exercised in handling all library materials. Marking the pages with pencil or pen marks is not allowed. Mutilated and lost items will be charged to borrower's. Lost items will be replaced by the borrower. Replacement costs include current price, handling processing, shipment cost, and other expenses incurred in replacing the publication. Rare publications and other materials are not replaceable so the borrower is encouraged to keep the materials safely. Users are encouraged to abide by the library rules and regulation regarding borrowing/ lending procedures, conduct, and clearance.

C. Outsiders

Outsiders should present their IDs (issued by the Lobby Guard) to the staff on duty. They are expected to abide by the policies of the library. They may request reading materials. The materials may be photocopied for a fee. Likewise, they should also present their bags and belongings for inspection before leaving the Library.

D. Borrowing/Lending Procedures

Materials are borrowed by signing out properly the book cards or periodical slips. These are then presented to the library staff on duty at the Circulation Desk to be recorded in the Destiny database. Due dates of publications are stamped on cards and at the Date Due Slip at the inside back page of the book. Dates are also stamped on the cards when publications are returned. Borrowers are requested to personally sign out and return materials. They are also advised not to use their signatures.

Cards are not provided for special materials as they may be loaned only by special arrangement and must be returned after use. Books can be borrowed for ten (10) days renewable if nobody puts them on hold. Periodicals can be borrowed for 3 days only. The globe is for use inside the library only.

For the borrower's benefits, it is advised to return publications no longer used to avoid misplacement, payment and nonclearance.

Library privileges are non-transferable.

E. Library Collection

1. Reference collection. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, almanacs, handbooks, guides, atlases, biographical dictionaries, statistical handbooks, manuals, among others are intended for library room use only.
2. Monographic and reprint collection. Books and reprints may be borrowed for a period of 10 days, renewable if no reservations from other users are made.
3. Periodical collection. New issues of journals, newsletters, and other serial titles are kept on the Display Shelf for one week for examination. Some are arranged by subject, and others put in a different manner to catch more attention. They may be borrowed for 3 days.
4. Newspapers and ephemeras. Owing to their ephemeral value, current newspapers are strictly for library reading only. However, they may be signed out at the end of service hours for overnight use and returned during the first hour of library service the next day. Old issues of newspapers are clipped for original articles on PhilRice, agriculture and other relevant topics. For the completeness of the files, borrowers are encouraged to return borrowed newspapers as it is difficult to acquire old issues back.
5. Special materials. Slides, cassette tapes, CDs, video tapes, and diskettes may be borrowed by special arrangement only.

F. Overdue and Privileges

Recall slips are sent for overdue materials and those needed for repair, inventory, and reprocessing. Borrowers are encouraged therefore to abide by our policies to avoid overdue. Overdue fines of P5/day item are imposed. Failure to abide by the policies may result in curtailment of privileges. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend library privileges in cases of extreme misdemeanor.

The Librarian also reserves the right to recall materials needed for urgent matters, inventory and revision.

G. Conduct

The Library is a no smoking area. Silence is maintained for the quiet study of individuals. Users are advised to put their cellphones on the silent mode.

H. Current Awareness Services

Current issues of newspapers are examined for articled relevant to PhilRice. Photocopies of these are routed to departments or researchers. They may also be scanned and emailed.
New issues of journals are also examined. Tables of content are marked for articles on rice and routed to departments.

I. Library Acquisitions List

New acquisitions are announced through email and bulletin board posting.

J. Library Databases

Literature search may be done using the Library Databases run by Destiny and XCardbox. They include books, journal articles, reprints, analytics, and serial titles. Access can be made through various fields like author, word, title, descriptor, year, etc.

K. Internet Access

Internet access is available in the Library. Users may request the use of the computer for internet search for legitimate research purposes only. The Proquest and Science Direct databases can be accessed in the library. The Library is also a WiFi-zone

L. Clearance

Staff going for extended period of absence are requested to return all their loaned materials to secure library clearance.

M. Integrated Management System

Users are encouraged to abide by the Institute’s integrated management system policy on environment, quality service, and occupational safety and health. Among them are: waste segregation, energy conservation, smoking in designated areas, air quality, water conservation, etc.

We also included in our library forms a feedback mechanism to evaluate and continually improve service.

We strive to make the library a comfortable place to study and work. Your suggestions to make it better and safer are most welcome.

N. Promotion

The PhilRice Library Flyer is available to users for information and guidance. A daily news monitor, newspaper clippings and other relevant news are posted in the library Bulletin Board. Tarpaulin banners are also posted.