Users may ask reference queries in person or by phone. Researchers may request for information and maybe referred to do a literature search or the question may be answered by the librarian using available reference sources in the library. Internet search is also done when necessary. Simple questions like daily exchange rates can be answered on phone while others need deeper research.
Literature Search Service
The PhilRice Library Database is run by Destiny as the Online Public Access Catalog which at present contains more than 6,000 entries and the XCardbox which contains more than 20,000 citations on agriculture, rice, social science, etc. to search from. It is the index to the library collection of monographs, analytics, indexed articles, and reprint collection. Users are required to fill up the literature search form which serves as a usage and evaluation data. All fields are searchable: author/s, title, year, source, etc. First time users are given assistance when needed.

Researchers may borrow an unlimited number of books or periodicals. Or they may reserve books that are out in circulation with other staff. Books are loaned for 10 days and periodicals for 3 days excluding holidays. Newspapers and ephemeras can be borrowed at 5:00 P. M. and returned first hour of the next office day. Overdue materials are fined P5.00 per day. Staff are encouraged to abide by the Library rules and regulations which are formulated to guide users on lending, proper care of books and their accountability to maximize usage and safeguard materials.

Interlibrary loan agreement with the IRRI Library and Documentation Service is also utilized for urgent needs.

Current Awareness Service
The current awareness service serves to make researchers aware of new publications or materials that may be of interest to them by disseminating information through newspaper clipping, routing of table of contents, acquisitions list, flyers or guides.
Newspaper clippings
Daily newspapers are browsed and articles on rice, PhilRice, agriculture, laws, intellectual property rights, and other related subjects are identified. These are photo copied or scanned and distributed/emailed to concerned scientists and staff, and also posted at the Library bulletin board at the corridor in the first floor of the Laboratory Building. A compilation of these are made and become part of the clipping collection.
Table of contents
Likewise, table of contents of journals are ticked for every indexed article. These are also photocopied/ scanned and sent to concerned staff by routing or email.
Library guide
A library flyer is available to give a profile of the Library and inform users of available resources and services. Trainings are also given to interested parties. Library orientation is given to new staff.
Information storage and retrieval
Updating of the database is done daily for newly indexed and cataloged materials. All entries cataloged and indexed are provided with a process slip where all the necessary information are noted. These are encoded using the Cardbox software in the PhilRice Library Database.