There’s always a reason to celebrate love for someone through gifts as a  way to express love for our family, friends, or special someone. Here at PhilRice, we believe that the best way to do it is through rice. Because like love, advocacy is also something that we should all fight for.

You no longer have to think so hard and look so far to find the perfect gift. What we have here will surely make your loved ones feel all-giddy inside.

So if you are hoping to find the perfect gift without breaking the bank, read up.

1) Brown Rice

Loving someone means wanting only the best for that person. That means prioritizing his/ her safety, health, and wellness. And while chocolates and sweets taste so fancy, they leave a certain hint of guilt after eating them. Of course, we don’t want our loved ones to feel guilty and anxious after having our gifts, right?

Instead of giving them food that gives diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases, why don’t we give them something that prevents these illnesses?

For just P60 a kilo, you can already pamper your family and friends with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins that brown rice has!

Brown rice is scientifically known to have more dietary fiber, polyphenols, and antioxidants particularly rice oils.

By buying brown rice, you are not just making your loved ones feel special, you also make them be healthier.

2) Tapuy sakto (150ml)

Good times call for good wine. Special occasions or quality time with family and friends don’t just deserve delicious food but even special drinks, as well.

Try something new and feel the unique yet classic flavor of rice wine.

A glass or two of this very special wine will just make everything more memorable. You can also experiment with different versions of this drink by exploring the award-winning cocktail recipes from PhilRice Cookbook.

Not only that,  you don’t have to worry about having way too much wine because PhilRice now offers a smaller version of their famous rice wine for only P99 per 150ml.

Now, you can have your fill of Tapuy without having to fear about drinking too much, because like love and other things in this world, Tapuy is best enjoyed in moderation.

3) Travel pouch with dust bag and canvas tote

Students and rice science workers are always on the go! That’s why, helping them get organized and on-track is really an important gift. PhilRice has a new merchandize that’s perfect for keeping stuff in order. With the PhilRice travel pouch, your loved ones can put their everyday essentials in one place. For only P120, you can help them get organized.

It’s very handy, so your loved ones can bring it anywhere, even in their pockets. That way, it’s like you are always with them all the time.

Plus, it comes with a dust bag so they can always store it properly and keep it looking like brand new.

4) Advocacy coffee mug

We can all agree that having that perfect cup of coffee every morning is as good as hearing the words “I love you”. Hence, a perfect gift of love is to be a constant part of this sacred morning routine.

Let your loved ones think of you, and even miss you, every time they drink a cup of coffee by giving them this cute PhilRice advocacy coffee mugs.

Moreover, these aren’t just ordinary coffee mugs. Whenever your loved ones use it, they won’t just be reminded that you love them. They will also be reminded of our true purpose as rice science workers and responsible rice consumers. Reminding and teaching someone to be riceponsible is also an effective way of showing your love and appreciation for more than 2M farmers in the Philippines.

It’s kind of overwhelming to think of a grand gift or a gesture for somebody we love. But it’s actually simple. The trick is just to remind them of the things that matter, of the things that you are willing to fight for—your love and your advocacy. When these two ideals intertwine, that’s when you will achieve a kind of commitment and purpose that will surely last long.

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